a road from there to the sea


“Because no one can forget how it would be nice if,  for each sea ahead, there was a river, for us. And someone – a father, a love, someone – able to join hands and find that river – imagine, invent it – and its current, with the lightness of a word, good-bye … …. A road from there to the sea”.

Alessandro Baricco

Water. That is life, myth and culture. Water as a theme and inspiration of great epic narratives, ways of saying the most common and popular, of great poetry. Water as a natural resource which can decide over life and death, happiness and despair, wealth and poverty, we begin to fear, peace and war. Water is a journey of dancing bodies, accompanied by music and words, through the meaning and importance of water in our lives, past and present.

Water as needed, pleasure, daily life, strength and hope. Need because no one can help it. Pleasure because his contact gives enjoyment. Everyday it is every day of our lives. Force because it can create and destroy. And hope that this wonderful gift of nature and all that remains is never idle because of conflicts.

direction and choreography: Francesca La Cava

assistant: Paola Caranchini

original music: Angelo Valori

music: AA.VV.

light design: Stefano Pirandello

video-art: Alessandro Petrini

texts: Francesco Di Vincenzo

recorded voice: Emiliano Torresi

costumes: Francesca La Cava

performers: Stefania Bucci, Annalisa Celentano, Flaminio Galluzzo, Francesca La Cava, Irene Russolillo o Teresa Marcaida

photos: Enrico della Valle

communication and relationships: Letizia Di Tommaso

production:  GRUPPO E-MOTION whit contribution of the “Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage”,  the “Region of Abruzzo  with the sponsorship of the Province of L’Aquila, the Municipality of L’Aquila and the Municipality of Silvi

thanks a the Municipality Silvi for residence

trailer: Link Water


5 November 2010