“In Isoke…In Africa the female body became a new object. The “Free urbanized women ” were born, with a unique dream: The West. This dream passes through the traditions and the religions and it is represented with the voudu rituality. Possession and ritual, that start from Mamy Wata with a new meaning, more individual, made banal, without references to the religious nature of this cult, very closed to the utilitaristic concept of the magic witch ritual, with features of theatricalism, masking and representation near the “tale” of our modern society. The body become substance, both signifier and sense: “ the body of gods in connection with the body of human being, the body in connection with the object”.

Notes: It is the third research on Mamy Wata of the choreographer Francesca La Cava. A trip in the African tradition and in its changing for the contact with the West. The way of young African women deceived by  the comfort of the West and their involvement through promises and blackmail that go through the animist culture. Dea, Mamy Wata, who promises to be well off and rich arriving in the West. Maman o Madame with their same colour of skin involved in the terrible trade of this beautiful dark bodies. At the centre of this thematic there are the possession rituals to Mamy Wata, a divinity of the African culture, to which young Nigerian women are subjected. The relation with this divinity is perverse because what it promises as individual benefits, it takes away as social relationship. The possession experiences linked with this divinity perverted the parental relationship often creating conflicts into the original families, to establish relation with madame and to have behaviour called “bizarre”. A way created by white women like us to enter, using a little irony, in the trade of black women, in their rituals and customs. On the stage is projected a cartoon in 2D, realized ad hoc for this new creation, which cooperates and gives strength to this dramaturgic story of this work.

choreography and directed: Francesca La Cava

performers: Corinna Anastasio, Stefania Bucci, Francesca La Cava, Irene Russolillo

compositing  video 2D: Marco Carlini and Gabriella Nobile

music: Brenda Fassie, Toumani Diabate and Ali Farka Tourè, Recoil, Tartit

scene and light designer : Stefano Pirandello

dresses: F. La Cava e C. Anastasio

thecnical manager: Carlo Oriani Ambrosini

production: Gruppo e-motion with the collaboration of  The ministry for Arts and Culture and Region of Abruzzo for “E-motion dance 4″

A special thanks to the “ Benin City girls” by I. Aikpitanyi and  L. Maragnani


5 November 2008