“If the bag or hidden in some wrinkle of these dilapidated surroundings there is a recognizable Penthesilea and remember who was there, or if Penthesilea is only the periphery of itself and has its center everywhere, you gave it out. The question that now begins to gnaw on your head is more anguished: outside Penthesilea there is out there? Or as you walk away from the city that do not change from one to another limbo and do not come out of it?”
Le Città Invisibili di Italo Calvino

In modern times the most famous reproduction of Penthesilea’s myth, Queen of the Amazons, is certainly the one of Heinrich von Kleist, where the androgynous queen,  like a dirty dog, kills feminine Achilles. Today as yesterday, Penthesilea is a woman full of anger with the desire for revenge and of statement against the male gender and its secular dominance. The women in arms, fighters and wrestlers, who are lovely and dangerous, girls taking up arms: These are some of the several images concerning the ancient multi-faceted myth, giving us the myth potentiality that can make sense. Art has the chance to transform reality and to stimulate an analogy with the mythical ancient figure.

The modern Amazon with her various personifications continues to be ambiguos, marginal and a fearful figure, victorious and attractive at the same time. But will the anger of these modern Amazons find a solution through the revenge against the male gender? Our “PENTESILEA: WONDER WOMAN” is a new Amazon, the animal-like and athlete dancing hero of our times, wearing costumes that bring us back to the ancient myth and encourage the memory of science-fiction cartoons.

direction and choreography: Francesca La Cava

assistant: Paola Caranchini

original music: Michelangelo Del Conte

usic: AA.VV.

light design : Stefano Pirandello

costumes: Pamela Rossi

performers: Stefania Bucci, Ramona Di Serafino, Francesca La Cava, Irene Russolillo

Production: GRUPPO E-MOTION with contribution of the “Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage” and the “Region of Abruzzo  with the sponsorship of the province and the city of L’Aquila

sponsorship Engineering



5 November 2009