“…The African man units the aesthetic to the spirituality. He extends the poetry to its mystic roots, there where the nature become God…” (R. Bastide).

A tribute to the huge Dark Continent: to its people, its myths, its customs and…to its women. A view to the actual Africa. A view in its existence between cabins and consumerism thanks to a fast, but beautiful journey, which is also rich of violence and contradictions. A oneiric trip to tell, sometimes with irony, about the daily tragedies, the fetish, the violence, the magic and the voudu witchcraft. Our trip starts from here: from the goddess of the sea, Mamy Wata and from the women, little-adult, to describe the actual Africa starting from the past.

Francesca La Cava’s notes: “It’ difficult to tell about Africa…During my journeys in this beautiful continent I was struck by the elegance full of the resignation of the women, by the religious animist rituals, that Africans conserve despite the strong presence of the colonizers’ religious and finally by the violent presence of convenience goods, which belong to our western culture. I saw Africa with a little girl’s eyes imaging her reaction in front of a world so different from hers and I made a oneiric trip through which I could describe the religious rituals ( the fetish, the violence, and the voudu), the women and the  westerner infuses in this continent. But we aren’t Africans…Our trip is western and it depends on our culture: during this performance we use habitual things of our world highlighting them presence on the stage. This creation is divided in three part: we interpret the fetish using a good that have a strong consumer impact; we talk about the exploitation and the violence on women, at the beginning with irony, mixing our culture to the African one; we exalt the African women beauty, always using both culture to talk about the voudu ritual to Mamy Wata, seas and rivers goddess, feminine and coquettish. Finally the little girl ends her journey….”

direction and choreography: Francesca   La Cava

music: Traditional African

original music and video: Marco Schiavoni

performers: the company

light design: Stefano Pirandello

costumes: Laura De Gregori

photo: Ilaria Pirilli

production: GRUPPO E-MOTION with the contribution of Regione Abruzzo 

coproduction: Festival Tagliacozzo


5 November 2006