study on the wall concept - 3° study


study on the wall concept – 3° study


Existence means occupying a space by attributing meaning to it. Occupying it through
the practical experience of the body, through our consciousness; a set of thoughts,
feelings, emo- tions, perceptions and actions. A dynamic process that our body
encounters with the su- rrounding environment thanks to our skin. Skin is the barrier
that separates us and unites us with the outside world. Maurice Merlau Ponty in “
Phenomenology of perception” observes that living with their simple presence, gives
space a sense that the world itself does not have. The body constitutes perceptual
openness to the world, it is the very vehicle of being to the world. Man knows the others
and the world through his body and more specifically through the skin, which in his
physiological role is: protection, sensitivity and control, regulation, ab- sorption,
defense, and offense, attraction, reserve, and the ground upon which important
transformations happen.
choreography and interpretation: Francesca La Cava

playwriter: Anouscka Brodacz
concept and scenic Installation: Gino Sabatini Odoardi

original music: Lorenzo e Federico Fiume (Resiliens)

costumes: Maria Grazia Cimini
light design: Michele Innocenzi
photo: Paolo Porto
production: GRUPPO e-MOTION, supported by the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism, the Abruzzo Region (IT) and the Municipality of L’Aquila (IT)
residences and co-production: I Cantieri dell’Immaginario (IT) with support for
residences Florian Metateatro (I) e Spazio Matta progetto Corpografie (I)

Twenty-four man made thermoformed, white polystyrene drapes come down from the
ceiling hung by as many black strings. It is a work that through the metaphor and the
sublimation of the “bend” seeks to define its unceasing will to stratify, produce visual
compositions, arith- metical relationships, “agreements” that contribute to a different
harmony. A game suspen- ded between form and symbolism in this small monochrome
forest where deployment is rati- fied between heaven and earth as the judgment, the
current metaphor of the state. A few se- conds to solidify a drapery. An alchemy
between case-gravitation-gesture that does not allow replicas and/or reflections.

Everything burns in a handful of seconds, before the solidification takes over the white
mantle. A “knotted” and “frozen” happening. The “fold” always hides itself (Gino
Sabatini Odoardi)

trailer: Link In-habit




7 February 2020


Creations, In Distribution

anouscka brodacz, contemporary dance, gino sabatini odoardi, gruppo e-motion, resiliens