Manolo Perazzi


Yet the lived body is a small thing compared to a deeper and almost inaccessible power. Actually, the unity of rhythm can only be sought where the rhythm itself sinks into chaos, into the night, and where the differences of levels are perpetually mixed with violence (…)

Gilles Deleuzes

Fermo immagine represents a “polaroid”, both a serious and a light snapshot of the gallery of daily horrors: landscapes of war, explosions, spaces overturned by air raids or terrorist attacks. In these contexts of distortion of reality, the body acts and reacts by making itself a voice, a mirror of the experiences, a different body, open, empathic, twisted, dismembered … Alive! A body without organs (as Artaud first described and so Deleuzes did later on) torn apart by uncontrollable forces, “open to connections, circuits, subdivisions and thresholds, passages and distribution of intensity” -Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Millepiani-

The goal of the project is to capture and stop subsequent images, resulting from an act of contamination of a landscape and those who inhabit it. 

Specifically, the aim of the work is to analyze war landscapes: environments altered by an air raid, a terrorist attack, the explosion of a bomb. The author wonders what kind of dialogue there may be between the act of contamination in itself and the landscape of which the dancer is a part of.

direction and choreography: Manolo Perazzi

dramaturgy: Gian Maria Russo
performer: Manolo Perazzi
production: GRUPPO E-MOTION, supported by the Italian Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism of the Abruzzo Region (IT), of the Municipality of L’Aquila (IT), and Operation RESTART
co-production: Municipal Theater Foundation of the City of Vicenza, Festival Danza in rete (IT)
TWAIN Prize winner by Loredana Parrella (IT)
residences: Foundation Theater Comunale of Vicenza – Festival danza in rete (IT), Florian Metateatro Theater Production Center (IT), Tuscania Supercinema -TWAIN Lazio (IT)

National preview Theater Comunale of Vicenza – Festival danza in rete. March 2019

Link Fermo immagine



In a constantly changing reality we need to be highly responsive and ready for every single kind of situation we could find ourselves into. Two dancers interact with the musician and director of the sound Flavia Massimo, who, through a cello, a synt and a loop station, builds up a live sound score; she dictates the rules of the show and the movement, she takes control of the performers; she is an outside element beyond the parts. She gives shape to a soundtrack which leads the performers throughout their path”.

The work is characterized by perpetual changes within the environment and in the music, dictated by the choices of both the performers and the cellist. 

The idea of the project generates from some questions: how can the human being with his own body react in relation to the changes within the surrounding environment? What kind of impulses does a change generate? Performers are always placed into a new environment, their bodies are shaped accordingly to the new situation.

Performers are overwhelmed by a number of emotions, inputs, influences coming from the outside. The interpreters are therefore constantly crossed by energies that will lead them to protect themselves, to decide how to get involved. They are beaten and tossed by external forces, the joints splatter off, the space is violently occupied, the muscles fail to control the situation. Bodies are projected into new trajectories, run away, reconsider their existence, survival instinct is strong and allows them to adapt.

direction and choreography: Manolo Perazzi

performers: Manolo Perazzi, Valeria Russo and Flavia Massimo

live electronics: Flavia Massimo

photo: Paolo Porto

production: GRUPPO E-MOTION, supported by the Italian Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism, the Abruzzo Region (IT) and the Municipality of L’Aquila (IT)

co-production: CID International Dance Center in Rovereto (IT), Oriente Occidente Festival (IT)

Residencies: ACS Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo (IT), NAO by Ariella Vidach (IT), Laboratorio Danza Mousikè by Iolanda Romani (IT)

trailer:  Link Crossover

Link review by Teatro e Spettacolo

Nasce nel 1988. Studia danza classica, contemporanea e hip hop presso il Balletto di Toscana. Nel 2009 entra nell’organico del Balletto di Toscana Junior. Viene selezionato per il Corso di Alta Formazione a Pescara, finanziato dall’Unione Europea, diretto da Giorgio Mancini. Vince una borsa di studio presso il CFP_Corso di Formazione Professionale per danzatori di Electa di Teramo, dove approfondisce le tecniche contemporanee del contact, floor work e impro. Nel 2012 entra nella Compagnia Gruppo e-Motion di Francesca La Cava.
Con la sua performance Pianterreno è stato selezionato per la rassegna Dad’A’_vetrina della giovane danza d’autore abruzzese e per la vetrina Anticorpi XL 2012. Collabora con il videomaker Antonio Di Biase con il quale co-produce la performance-installazione di video e corpo Senza Titolo e con Francesca Maria Svampa all’opera di videodanza Di-Storto. Nel gennaio 2013 viene scelto per una shared artistic residency sostenuta da Associazione Mosaico Danza ed Electa Creative Arts finalizzata ad una coproduzione con il danz’autore piemontese Andrea Gallo Rosso (Festival Interplay di Torino 2013). Le sue performance vengono inserite in diversi Festival e stagioni teatrali nazionali ed internazionali: Festival Interferenze VI e VII edizione (Teramo), Festival Danse en Ville (Belgio) edizione 2012 e 2013, Festival Subterraneo des artes escenicas (Messico) 2012 e 2013, Festival Danceproject (Trieste) 2012, Danzando per le marche (Ancona, Italia) 2012, Festival Habana Vieja: Ciudad en Movimiento (Cuba) XVIII edizione 2013, Festival Inside/Off 2013, Festival Interplay 2013 (Torino). In qualità di danzatore ha lavorato con Andrea Gallo Rosso, Tommaso Serratore, il Balletto Teatro di Torino, Artemis danza.



Valeria Russo e Lucas Delfino

HIDDEN TRACK – traccia nascosta

Hidden Track today is a work in progress. It was born as a real need to tell, to touche the slice of public opinion present among the spectators regarding the theme of the manipulation of news and information, to highlight the hidden “entities” that move in the hidden tracks of the power. The first spark and therefore the first source comes from the book “Gli stregoni della notizia” by Marcello Foa, journalist and university professor, who tells about the phenomenon, born in America and exported from there, of the Spin Doctor, a sort of image consultant of the political leaders whose purpose is to gather as much consensus as possible by manipulating public opinion in favor of the current political situation. To do this what lends itself most easily is the world of information. Thanks to the critical and analytical text, it is possible to perceive an intense network, powerful as it is hidden and well protected, which controls and manipulates information flows in all their aspects, above all by exploiting the new medias originated on the web.

The artists moved by the anxiety of perceiving themselves as hostages of this system describe tje society with the landscape of a dystopian reality where those who live there live in an eternal glitch.

The concept of glitch reveals the direction of their search for movement and a spasmodic dance is born, but also lucid as if it were always on the alert, intimately always waiting for a catastrophe, a hole, or a news leak.

Thus they transform the scene with a mass of electrical material, cables and extensions, smoke bombs and symbolic elements.

The outdoor mode designed for Hidden Track is born from the particular needs of the scene objects , as well as from the possibility of dialoguing with the urban space, creating site specific situations and meeting a differently receptive public.

direction and choreography: Valeria Russo e Lucas Delfino
performer: Valeria Russo e Lucas Delfino
costumes: Estevan Reder
production: GRUPPO E-MOTION and Asmed Balletto di Sardegna,  supported by the Italian Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism, of the Abruzzo Region (IT), of the Sardinia Region (IT), of the Municipality of L’Aquila Operazione RESTART (IT) and of the Municipality of  Cagliari (IT)
residences: Habitat Rete for the dance (IT), Sementerie Artistiche (IT), Ass. La Caracola (IT), Festival Corpografie (IT), Florian Espace (IT)


LUCAS DELFINO – Graduated from the Faculty of Dance of the State University of Campinas.nAt the same time he practices Qi Gong and exercises related to Butoh and Theater No.
He worked in Brazil for the Perversos Polimorfos company of Ricardo Gali and with Morena Nascimento.
In Italy since 2015 he follows the ART Factory International training in Bologna and he works with Lara Russo, Monica Casadei, Manfredi Perego and Luna Cenere. Since 2019 he has worked as an author with Valeria Russo in the creation of ‘Hidden track’, supported by the companies Gruppo E-motion and Asmed Balletto di Sardegna.

VALERIA RUSSO – Dancer, young choreographer and dance teacher. Since 1998, I studied classical dance RAD method. I expand my knowledge by approaching the study of martial and therapeutic disciplines such as yoga, tai-chi, aikido, aikishintaiso.

In 2012, I continued my dance contemporary studies in two international training centers: 

Art International Factory, in Bologna, artistic director Brigel Gjoka (Forshyte Company): Floor work technique, Limon Technique, Contact Improvisation Technique Cunnigham, classical, technique,compositional writing, physical theater .

Roberto Zappalà’s MODEM PRO, in Scenario Pubblico in Catania where I study the language of the company with Roberto Zappalà.

Main workshops: Brigel Gjoka, The Forsythe Company, Tery Weikel, Flavia Tapias, Irene Kalbush., Ivan Perez. Jos Baker, Peeping Tom company, Parvaneh Scharafali, Jiri Kylian repertoire, Eduardo Torroja, Wim Vandekeybus company. Valeria Alonso, La Cabra Company.

Since 2013, I’ve been working professionally and I dance in the national and international theaters, with the companies: ASMED Balletto di Sardegna in Cagliari, Compagnia Artemis Danza of Monica Casadei, Parma, Compagnia Gruppo E-Motion of Francesca La Cava, L’Aquila, Compagnia Zappalà Danza, Catania.

As a freelance with the choreographers: Manolo Perazzi, Martina La Ragione, Filippo Stabile, Mattia Gandini.

From 2019, as a young choreographer I work with my collegue Lucas Delfino for our first piece: 

Hidden Track | Traccia Nascosta, a piece that investigates the phenomenon of media manipulation in today’s society. Production by Gruppo E-motion di Francesca La Cava and ASMED Balletto di Sardegna. 

I work a lot with improvisation with musicians including: :Gruppo Edison, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Resiliens, Lorenzo and Federico Fiume, Vanesia, Mauro Palmas, Elena Ledda, Sanatana, Fabio Curto, DJ White, DJ Miriam Macri. Company of Popular and Ethnic Arts La Paranzella di Pianella by Maestro Crispi Seccia.

And video collaborations with: Salvatore Insana, Manuel Norcini, Raffaello Rossini, Tommaso Rossini.



Michela Tartaglia


From the Homeric Hymn to Demetra to Ovid’s Fasti and Metamorphoses, from the Eleusinian Mysteries to the post-modern version of the mythic Double Self by Ruxandra Cesereanu, I developed a personal interpretation of Kore and her character. Kore was an innocent, naive child, intimately close to her mother, whose destiny was to became Persephone, queen of Hades. An eternally double woman, a white widow and a black widow, a bright girl and an infernal queen; Kore / Persephone is a hybrid creature, aware to be herself and – at the same time – thousands of others. She is a heteromorphic character, sick and happy, with an eye that cries and the other that laughs, an one eye under the earth and another over the earth; she is a monstrous centaur contended between the light of reason and the darkness of neurosis. It is indeed a silent, mysterious neurosis that leads the protagonist to an immersive state of ecstasy, which openly manifests since the very first Zaar, an ancient ritual dance from North Africa.

Metamorphosis is a performance aiming to encourage the audience to estrange from reality and just take a few minutes to observe and listen to their inner self. How many double personalities, how many hidden truths, how much inhibition or fear of taking the first step.

direction and choreography: Michela Tartaglia
performer: Michela Tartaglia

music: Arvo Part
production: GRUPPO E-MOTION, supported by the Italian Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism of the Abruzzo Region (IT), of the Municipality of L’Aquila (IT)

MICHELA TARTAGLIA – Education: Bachelor’s degree in Choreography at Accademia Nazionale di Danza di Roma, Master “Cantieri Infiniti” (AND, Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia, Museo Maxxi). She studied at Naples, Rome, New York, Madrid, Saint Cyprien. 

Professional experience: Summer Company Experience by B. Mousset, Azione Performativa Immagine by A. Borriello, Ritmi Narrati by S. Danielsen e R. Haisma, Malgret Tout by R. Greco, Demetra e le storie perse with A. Brodacz and Gruppo E-motion, Trittico Afro and Festa e transito by K. Koko for the YAP FEST 2018.

Choreographer and dancer: Body Recording (Danza in un minuto), METAMORFOSI (Grande Slam 2018 and Campus, Gran Galà of young Italian choreographers, Spazio Matta, Relazioni for Notti In Danza – AND), Senz’armi (Giovane Coreografia Contemporanea 2015), To Crawl (Off call for Contemporary Experimental Dance and Coreografando – Teatro Tor Bella Monaca RM),  Vir O’ Mar (Teatro Del Lido di Ostia).



Maria Elena Curzi, Eleonora Galante e Marco Lattuchelli

BACH TO DANCE – Concerto per corpi  

Nothing can remain stable for a long time in the artist’s life because he is constantly looking for a transformation in space and time. Bach’s suites, amazing synthesis of form and freedom, articulates the critical existential moments, the emotional condition, the relationship, the distances, the
drawings which appear from the texture of a complex weft: knots, arabesques, functional bind to fasten or left, but also to project itself into the future.
“Bach to Dance” is a project aiming at exploring the different phases of Johann Sebastian Bach’s life: an artist, a composer and the symbol of the heighest western expression in music.
choreography and Dance: Maria Elena Curzi, Eleonora Galante, Marco Lattuchelli
artistic Consultant: Francesca La Cava
cello: Luca Franzetti
light Design: Michele Innocenzi
production: GRUPPO E-MOTION, supported by  the Italian Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism, the Abruzzo Region (IT) and the Municipality of L’Aquila (IT) and Operazione Restart

MARIA ELENA CURZI – She started in Rome her formation with Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Dance at Renato Greco Dance Studio. She improved her ability with a full time two-year at Duncan 3.0 where she studied and research on several techniques, methods, theories, somatic practices. On 2011, she has been invited by Nina Dipla to study at the Ménagerie de verre in Paris and in Fondazione Romaeuropa’s writing projects edited by Anna Lea Antolini and Adriana Borriello. On 2014 she took part in MoDem PRO of the Compagnia Zappalà Danza. Graduated from the DAMS Università Roma Tre with a thesis on Anna Halprin, she is taking a MA Choreography at Accademia Nazionale di Danza di Roma.

Dancer and performer for Le Nuvole Teatro, Balletto di Spoleto, Yumi Fujitani, Alex Cecchetti, Benedetta Capanna, Tetsuro Fukuhara, Sandra Fuciarelli/Sylvano Bussotti, Melissa Lohman, Kazuko Miyamoto, Hugo Verlinde, Fosca, Michele Rizzo and in “Cantieri dell’immaginario di L’Aquila” for Giorgio Rossi and Compagnia Irene K. As mime artist for Teatro dell’Opera, Indigo Film Production, Propaganda Italia Film Production, Studio Festi.

She worked as choreographer with, Artenne, Fondazione Palladium, New York Chamber Players (Giacomo Franci), Roma Tre Orchestra (Daniele Lombardi/Marcello Panni), with RNCM Symphony Orchestra (Daniele Giorgi). She cooperate in improvisation concerts with Marco Ubaldi, Benedetta Capanna, Anthony Carcone, Roberto Bellatalla, Oscar Bonelli, Ivan Macera, Marisa Brugarolas, Oriol Saladrigues.

She is co-founder in 2011 of Luogocomune Danza and in 2017 of SiR – Sharing in Rome. From 2016 she started to create with Lorenzo Giansante the video dance architecture project “Away from Gablur”, selected by: Athens Video Dance Project 2017, Espressioni Film Festival 2017, IMARP 2019. In 2019 she has a scholarship from the Lerici Foundation to support her choreographic research in Sweden, in connection with DOCH Uniarts and Ballettakademien.

ELEONORA GALANTE – In 2005 she won the scholarship for the “CAP” professional start-up course of the Renato Greco Dance School, where she graduated as a professional dancer. With the “Renato Greco Dance Company” she also staged several productions. In 2006 she continued her studies and she attended Cristina Menconi’s three years of professional training. In recent years she has won several scholarships: CRDL Compagnia di Mvula Sungani, Euroballetto, and Altroteatro di Lucia Latour. She followed the advanced courses with Dino Verga and Michele Pogliani. Since 2007 she has presented her choreographic creations in different contexts of the Abruzzo region. In those years she studied Cunningham, Graham, Horton, Contact, Release-Floorwork, Theater-Dance, experiential anatomy, Improvisation, Yoga and Feldenkrais. In 2010 she joined the “Compagnia del Balletto di Mimma Testa” working mainly with Massimiliano Volpini, and Cristina Menconi, becoming soon her assistant. Since 2013 she has been interpreter for Renaud Wiser, Antonella Gionta, Sabrina Moranti, Paola Leste. Graduated in “Arts and Sciences of the Performing Arts” at Sapienza University in Rome with Vito di Bernardi, she studied and followed for some time Fernando Suels Mendoza, Damiano Ottavio Bigi and Beatrice Libonati of the Pina Bausch Company, to realize her thesis about the process of creating the dancers of the Tanztheater Wuppertal. In those years she worked as a dancer in improvisation shows with numerous musicians and she had the opportunity to present some of her works in various events and festivals such as “Seminari internazionali di musica”, “FLIC Festival in contemporanea”, “I grandi concerti”, “Achille d ‘oro film festival “and” Vasto F. Festival “. In September 2015 she realized, with Irma Carpino, the choreography of “Figure in Blue”. In 2016 she participated to the show “Uno tra gli uomini”, as member of the cast, and in 2017 she created, with others choreographers, “Terra Mia”. In 2018 she was one of the four choreographers of “Stravinsky’s Pulcinella”, in which she participated also as a dancer. The show was presented at the 43rd Montepulciano International Art Shipyard. She is currently finishing her two-year specialization in choreographic composition at the Italian National Academy of Dance, studying with guest teachers and choreographers of international importance.

MARCO LATTUCHELLI – Dancer and choreographer, with an Italian and international background. Trainee in work placement at the Ajkun Ballet Theater in New York, directed by Chiara Ajkun. Choreographer of the stable theater company “Strumenti&Figure” (Foggia). Scholarship for Training Terpsichore- Profession stage (ArtEz Dansacademie-Holland; BalletSchule Basel- Switzerland; Royal Conservatory of The Hague-Holland; National Conservatory of Dance of Lyon-France; Royal Ballet of Flanders-Belgium). Dancer for “Corpi in mostra”, Barletta. First Prize as choreographer for “Emozioni in Arte”, with the choreography “Come in un sogno”. Choreographer of the unpublished show “The Nutcracker”, commissioned by the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem (Foggia). Graduated in Visual Arts and Disciplines of the Show. Dancer at TanzeCompagnie-Giessen, Germany; dancer in the cast of the show “Crescendo-Evolution of the music”, premiered in Dubai, UAE. He takes part in the Tour of “Notti Sacre”, with the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, as a dancer and choreographer of the shows: “La Creazione”; “Fratello Sole, Sorella Luna”; “I colori danzanti dell’anima”, directed by Miguel Gomez. He takes care of the direction and choreography of “Via da qui”, a contemporary dance show, during the ‘Festival Internazionale della letteratura mediterranea'(Foggia). He is selected as a dancer for the project “LiberoCorpo”, Bisceglie. He is invited as a guest solo dancer at the TanzArtFestival in Giessen, Germany. Winner of the “Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte” competition, co-choreographer of the “Pulcinella” on music by Stravinskji, in Montepulciano. Assistant choreographer for Luca Braccia, during the artistic residency at the National Dance Academy of Rome, for the show “Too much, too soon”, a Barberdance production. Co-choreographer of “Transitus”, that debuted at the Teatro Grande in Rome, and it replied during the “Find”, residence in Cagliari. He is currently graduating from the Master’s Degree in Choreography at the National Dance Academy, Rome.


29 December 2019


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