trilogy on living (2018/2020)


trilogy on living (2018/2020)


A journey to the feminine in which the protagonists want to free themselves from ancient conditioning and look for new rules for their lives.
Four generations who become contaminated, confront each other and question themselves on the true meaning of existence, in search of renewed freedom and a rediscovered sensibility.
Their gestures are accompanied by the harpsichord that musically crosses baroque and contemporary compositions. On stage a doghouse / home that during the choreographic creation takes on different meanings. Francesca La Cava

Scenic installation
Untitled with 2007 bowl
A hybrid between a doghouse and an unadorned Romanesque church occupies a semi-dark space. A deflated ball dribbles a very unresolved dilemma between “faith” and “faithful”.
A dwelling without altars that struggles to remain such faces a skinny bone that rises to switch by shorting the entire fake transmutation. Gino Sabatini Odoardi

concept and choreography: Francesca La Cava
dramaturgy: Anouscka Brodacz
ideation and stage installation: Gino Sabatini Odoardi
harpsichord: Fabio Bonizzoni
music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Louis Andriessen, Francesco Geminiani, Erich Eder De Lastra, Armand Louis Couperin, Louis Couperin
performers: Anouscka Brodacz, Stefania Bucci, Arianna Deiana and Francesca La Cava
light design: Michele Innocenzi
costumes: Maria Grazia Cimini
photo: Luciano Onza

production: GRUPPO E-MOTION, supported by the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism, the Abruzzo Region (IT), the Municipality of L’Aquila (IT) and Operazione RESTART

coproduction: LaRisonanza / Hendel Association (IT)
residence: Florian Metateatro (IT)

trailer: Link Four#generation




13 March 2020


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anouscka brodacz gino sabatini odoardi, contemporary dance, fabio bonizzoni, francesca la cava, gruppo e-motion