“….the dream is a myth personalized and the myth is a dream depersonalized…” ( Joseph Campbell).

Apple killer is inspired by the Paride myth. This is an occasion to elaborate same themes of this old myth with a modern point of view: the vanity, the war and the failing of human being. A journey in the modern men and a mythological trip, that links The West to the East. Video-fiction and the scene act always together  during the performance, with the story of the apple as a central theme. While the video flashes is telling us the “apples-killer” story, in a way, that remember the Tarantino’s style, on the stage the myth tells us about the Paride myth and the golden apple, with a modern point of view,  catapulting us in the actual society, which dominated by aggressiveness and the incapacity  to control struggles. The very ancient myths, represented in a unique act, are revival and offered to the public in a very new and involving way. The dancers, in fact, are the principal mover of this work, because they can control the effects on videos thanks to electromechanic sensors applied in different part of their body. In this way the arts receives from science a creation, reproduction and analysis of movements system, and art gives back the huge potential of the dancers’ body.

Notes: The creation was born from the myth used as an archetype model of the Jung’s psychology: Giove, Ionone, Minerva, Veneer, Eros and Paris are only characters of a mythological past useful to represent our actual life. In the show the mythological world, poetic and tale, is linked to the banality of many human acts. The presence of video, splendidly directed by Marco Schiavoni, and the essentially use of the motion capture are in contraposition with the mythological world. The music follows this way, too: from the techno to the suggestive sounds of the archaic music, thanks to the magic harmonies created by Marco Schiavoni himself. The apple has a lot of symbolic meanings, which start from the triad of love-knowledge-death. It is the very protagonist on the stage ( it inspired tales, myths and also Kafka).

direction and choreography: Francesca La Cava

original music and video: Marco Schiavoni

performers: the company

light design: Stefano Pirandello

technical director: Carlo Oriani Ambrosini

Motion capture: Manuela Galli

Motion Capture system: Smart ( Bts)

project manager : Francesco Maschio

press Office: Paolo Le Grazie

production GRUPPO E-MOTION with the contribution of Region of  Abruzzo

sponsor: Carispaq

coproduction: Asmed, Danzare la vita and Festival of Tagliacozzo

residence: Teatro  Talia of Tagliacozzo (I)

Thanks to Prof. Giorgio Albertini and Tosinvest Sanità – San Raffaele  in Rome for their precious collaboration


5 November 2005